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Coronavirus Travel Accessories & Tips For Traveling During COVID-19
So, you’ve decided to go on a trip abroad during coronavirus times? We’ve prepared for you some of the key advice that will help you keep safe during the trip. These guidelines will also help you in the days after the corona when many countries around the world will be upkeeping various restrictions and safety methods in order to prevent a new outbreak.
The best day trips to take outside of Shanghai
Shanghai offers a lot in the way of a big city, but not many cultural sights. Get out of Shanghai for a day or two and explore the surrounding: Suzhou, Hangzhou, Zhujiajiao, Nanjing or Shenshan Sculpture Park...
Is it worth purchasing the JR Pass?
Sep. 2019 - Planning a trip to Japan? Here you'll find all about the Japan Rail Pass, What is the JR Pass? What does the JR Pass include? Is it worth purchasing?
Sydney Australia Vacation tips and attractions
Sydney Australia Vacation tips: Visa Requirements, How to prepare a bucket list of Sydney Australia Attractions?: How to choose a perfect Hotel in Sydney? and more...
Tulum, Mexico vacation tips
Tulum, Mexico is a fascinating, small town in the Mexican Caribbean. It’s 1:45 hours from Cancun, where you’ll most likely land. Check out our Tulum vacation tips.
How to plan the perfect Bali itinerary?
Bali has always attracted millions of tourists over the years. This Southeast Asian island is one among the 17,000 Indonesian islands with beauty at its best. Here you'l find out how to plan your perfect Bali itinerary.
How to eat healthy while traveling
Eat "Healthy" While Traveling It may seem an impossible task, but despite going in a car, train, subway, bus, boat, plane or any means of transport, whether land, sea or air, we can maintain our diet at a healthy level.
10 Best Places for a vacation in the Philippines
The Philippines is a top tourist destination in the world with its exotic beaches and an unending supply of natural beauty. It is perfect for the couples out on romantic getaways like honeymoon and babymoon. You are going to fall in love with the Philippines islands whether you are....
How To Plan a Family Vacation in Aspen Snowmass
Planning family vacations can be daunting and difficult, especially when you’re looking for a ski trip If you are looking for a fun day trip from Aspen, Colorado or want to take weekend up in the mountains, here is everything you need to know about planning a trip in Aspen...
How to maximize your Dubai travel
Planning a trip to Dubai might become a bit overwhelming. In order to maximize your vacation and be able to surely enjoy your time in Dubai, here are our tips for an effective and maximized Dubai travel.
How to Plan a Vacation to California
California is a state in the United States of America unlike any other. We have come up with several tips to help you figure out the best itineraries when traveling around or taking road trips from San Francisco to Los Angeles, San Diego, and beyond.
How to reduce your travel expenses
This time we will not deal with a new destination we visited but will share with you the practical steps we take to significantly reduce your travel expenses. Here are tips to help you reduce travel expenses. The tips deal with the various components of the trip, from the planning of the trip, the booking of the flights, the accommodation and the vehicle, and the expenses related to the trip itself - the costs of entering the sites, activities in the various attractions, food and travel:
How To Stay Healthy While Traveling?
If you want to enjoy your travel having the necessary energy to do what you have planned or if you want to keep doing part of your routine during your travel schedule is a matter of simple measures. Here are some tips to stay healthy while traveling.
How to Stay in Shape While Travelling
They say that travel broadens the mind, and while that is true, travel also broadens your waistline. We know that eating rich food, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and being stationary for prolonged periods of time will do your health, and your physique, no good at all, yet when travelling, those are the things we are most likely to do. Whether you’re on the ...
8 Places to Visit During a Journey Through China
China is a country that cannot be described with one or two words alone, because it is vast in both history, culture, and influences. There are provinces that have barely been touched by the modern times beyond the cities that continuously work towards innovation. Aside from ....
Worthwhile Things to Do in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada is an iconic location that comes with the endearing phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” However, with all the memorable attractions and entertainment, you won’t only have the time of your life, you’re going to want to talk about it too!
5 Attractions for 5 Days in Singapore
Though small, Singapore is a mega city of excitement, discovery, food, shopping, green space, and much more. Each district has a unique flavor, and there is no dull moment when walking the streets. Here are 5 different attractions to check out during a 4-5 day trip to Singapore.
A visit to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
A visit to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam is an encounter with exotic food, temples, French colonial architecture and memories of war.
3 days itinerary in Takayama,Japan
Takayama is a beautiful town located in the heart of the Japanese Alps. Here you'll a travel itinerary for 3 days in Takayama with all the best things to do in and around Takayama.
How we travelled In Matsumoto,Japan
Matsumoto is a small town in the Japan Alps, pleasant and easy to get around. After visiting the attractions in Matsumoto: The Matsumoto Castle and Matsumoto museums, Matsumoto will serve as a convenient base for day trips in the vicinity...
Purim trip to old Safed in Israel
This last Purim, the kids were at an After school activity and Maayan and I had some free time together. The weather was excellent; we had a few hours in the morning all to ourselves, and so we decided not to stray too far while getting into the holiday spirit and chose to visit Safed’s old city . Our visit focused on the Jewish quarter and its alleyways, old synagogues, and of course the desire to...
A day trip to Hai bar Carmel in Israel
On Chol HaMoed of Sukkot (Tabernacles) Maayan and the kids visited the Carmel Hai- Bar Nature Reserve. The reserve serves as a breeding and reacclimation center for animals that used to live in the Carmel mount region, and that have become extinct in the region in the early 20th century, due to human activities such as hunting, poisoning, and destruction of their...
The Best Things to do in Perth, Australia
Though Perth is often underestimated and forgotten by those visiting Australia, it is a capital bathed in sunshine, exceptional weather, and bountiful sights, both man-made and natural. With places like the Swan River Valley, beaches, desert, and mountains, Perth is a destination that...
What's the best island in the Caribbean?
Are you taking a vacation to the Caribbean? Lucky you! If you’re looking for things to do in the Caribbean, look no further than the beautiful island of St. Maarten, maybe the best island in the Caribbean . This tiny island is packed with nature, nightlife, culture, and good....
The Ultimate Romanian Road Trip Holiday
Romania is one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe. A vacation in Romania features all kinds of tourist attractions, from trekking tours and hikes in the Carpathian Mountains to historical and cultural...
Exploring Hong Kong – a 3-5 Day Itinerary  
Hong Kong is hard to visualize unless you’ve been there and experienced the energy that envelops the entire country. It’s a place where internalization is woven into a much more ancient Chinese culture. The cities that ...
Amazing American Road Trips for Your First Time to the USA
Road tripping is not just something you can do in America, it is part of American culture. From the days of the pioneers heading west to modern day, people go on road trips that can last days or months. Simply put, there is no better way to experience the USA than by...
Day trip to Caesarea National Park in Israel
On the first day of Chol HaMoed Passover, we decided to visit the Caesarea National Park. Despite the expected load, we decided that since this is a large area, it will not...
Is India a good travel destination?
India has always been the subject of fascination for the rest of the World, especially because of the almost comfortable co-existence of all of the diverse cultures. To the people visiting for the first time in this unique place, they are bound to experience culture shock – which is the impact of travelling from a familiar culture to an unfamiliar one. Not a surprising thing, knowing that...
How to Plan an Eco Friendly Vacation?
In the recent years, the power of ecotourism has been growing more and more, a type of tourism that emphasizes environmental and social awareness, preservation of local culture and heritage, human rights, cultivation and....
How to travel around in Japan?
The transportation system in Japan is one of the most advanced transportation systems in the world, enabling to travel around in Japan easily and quickly from one place to another through roads, tunnels and bridges systems which are among the most...
Italy family travel itinerary
Last July we went on a three-week family trip in Italy. Over the last year we thought about options for our next destination - after the peak we had last summer on a trip to Japan. We decided to ...
The best 5 travel websites for Cheap Flights
To find the best deals available for cheap flights and to reduce your travel expenses, use these five travel websites:
How to book the flight tickets online?
The road to your vacation begins with early planning, starting with planning the vacation destination and moving on to ordering plane tickets. What’s the best way to do this online? the best travel websites for cheap flight booking? Let us help you with a few helpful tips:
How to plan your trip in 4 stages
A trip abroad, which is more than often also our annual vacation, usually entails a big financial expense in a relatively short period of time. To save time and money during the trip, on different sites or unnecessary travels, and to make to whole experience more significant, we have for you a shortened guide to planning an efficient and smart trip itinerary.