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How to plan your trip in 4 stages

How to plan a smart travel plan?

A trip abroad, which is more than often also our family vacations or summer vacation, usually entails a big financial expense in a relatively short period of time. To save time and money during the trip, on different sites or unnecessary travels, and to make to whole experience more significant, we have for you a shortened guide to planning an efficient and smart travel plan on 4 stages:

1.Choosing  the trip destination

Considering our time and available budget, we will think of our dream destinations, take advices and vacation ideas from friends, get inspiration from Tvacation destinations seen in travel websites like pinterests or Turipo, offering an extensive collection of destinations from all over the world,  take into consideration the season, budget and our areas of interest:  beaches, museums and galleries, hiking, attractions for kids, world heritage sites and so on. We can receive additional vital information, such as cost of living, prices, personal safety, health and required vaccinations and more from websites like Numbeu.

2.Choosing the trip attractions

After choosing our destination we can use travel websites like Tripadvisor to make a list of high rated attractions in accordance with our interests: museums, beaches, amusement parks etc… We can get more ideas and also purchase tickets through  travel websites like Klook.

3.Building the travel plan

After creating our list of favorite attractions in our destination we can use Turipo Trip Planner to plan your vacation  and set each attraction by it’s appearance order in each day of the trip so that every day we’ll have around two to four attractions, with time to spare for traveling, shopping, restaurant, cafe’s etc… To save time traveling between the different places where we will sleep, it is recommended to choose one place and travel around it for at least 3 or 4 days. With Turipo’s daily trip map we could check if our travel time from our accommodation to the travel attractions does not exceed an hour -  hour and a half each direction.

Before we book our accommodations, it is advised to share our travel plans in Turipo amongst our friends and in facebook groups dedicated to traveling in our destination country, and receive feedback regarding our planned trip, additional ideas for attractions and other helpful information and tips.


Now, all that is left is to book our flights, accommodations, to rent a car and to book various attractions tickets, and we’re good to go.

 By Maayan Hess Ashkenazi