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How to book the flight tickets online?

The road to your vacation begins with early planning, starting with planning the vacation destination and moving on to ordering plane tickets. What’s the best way to do this online? Let us help you with a few helpful tips:

 Search for tickets in multiple websites

In the same way you would make hotel reservations, you should search for websites that combine all of the plane ticket search websites in one place, like Jet Radar etc. This will save you precious time and money. After entering the details of your origin, destination and desired travel dates, you will get an array of different results accordingly. Since not all websites are connected to all airline companies, it is recommended to compare results from at least two different websites, and also from the destination country’s own airline companies’ websites. 

Clean your browser’s cookie files

When we search online, the browser we use saves cookie files that are used, among others, to track the user’s online activity in a certain website. In simpler terms: companies that want to sell us stuff, use these files to know which ads and commercials to show us. Airline companies and flight search engines use this method to show us higher prices for tickets that we already searched for.  What can you do about it? Once in a while, it is recommended to clear any cookie files from your browser, and in any case, you should search for tickets using two different devices with a different internet connection. For example, you can use your home network computer and your smartphone connected to your internet package.

Book your flights well in advance

In order to find a wider range of flights and prices, book your flight at least 3 months in advance; this is the ideal time to book your flight. Prices will always go up the closer it is to your travel date, and will come back down significantly only in the last minute, and only if it’s not the peak season.

Consider additional costs

Before you get too enthusiastic about the amazingly priced ticket you found, make sure you’re well aware of all of the additional costs. For example, check the conditions and the fine print of the tickets’ cancellation fees; consider that an early flight arrival can cost you a taxi ride or even a night at a hotel near the airport. Also, if you are purchasing tickets in a low cost flight, remember to check what the price includes, and how much it will cost, for example, to send a suitcase or buy a meal during the flight.


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