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Italy family travel itinerary

 Family trip to Italy

Last July (2017) we went on a three-week family trip in Italy. Over the last year we thought about options for our next destination - after the peak we had last summer on a trip to Japan. We decided we would like to go to a closer place this time, and stay there for three weeks, thus the general idea was Europe. After a short deliberation we had decided about Italy, where we had only for a brief visit in the past. This time we decided to focus on an all-in trip in Italy. Planning the trips wasn’t an easy task since although Italy is full of attractions, not all of them suit the kids and we had to find the balance between our points of interest and those of the kids. Also, considering there is an endless amount of attractions, and that we wanted to have an extensive trip in Italy, we had to give up on some of the attractions. In addition, because Italy’s size we wanted to avoid long rides. And so, after long hours of planning, Maayan made us the itinerary.

4 days in Rome 

We started the trip with a four days visit to Rome, sightseeing its known landmarks: The Colosseum, the forum, famous piazzas and fountains around the city, Villa Borghese museum, the Vatican, the jewish quarters and more. We stayed at an excellent hotel not far from city centre.

The best of Tuscany 

After renting a car in Rome we headed north to Tuscany. Driving through Umbria we stopped at the beautiful city of Orvieto, after which we continued on our drive to the beautiful Tuscany. We stayed in a villa for four days in Vinci village, where Leonardo da Vinci was born. During those four days, we went on day trips to Florence, Pisa, Luca, San Gimignano, the resort town Forte dei Marmi and the Livorno aquarium. At the end of each day we couldn’t say no to a dip in the pool of the fantastic villa in which we stayed, in Vinci village.

Two days in Venice with the kids

From Tuscany we drove to Venice, where we stayed two days in an excellent hotel in Treviso - a town located 30 minutes of a comfortable train ride away from Venice. It was our second visit to Venice, although the first one was without the kids, which is why we came back with them to see Piazza san Marco, Rialto bridge and enjoyed walking around the picturesque alleys of the city, still focusing mainly on the two picturesque islands Murano and Borano. Of course we couldn’t finish without experiencing a Gondola cruise in the city’s canals.

Day trips in the Dolomites with the Kids

From Treviso we drove north to the Dolomites. In this spectacular region, which consists from a part of the Alps, we stayed in two excellent hotels in the towns Cortina d'Ampezzo and Campitello di Fassa, from which we went on day trips to view points from the mountain passes, cruise on turquoise lakes, taking cable cars up the mountains and also spectacular but challenging walking paths on the mountain tops.

Attractions around lake Garda 

After leaving the Dolomites, we stayed in lake Garda for four days, three of which were in Riva del Garda at the northern frontier of the lake. We spent the fourth night in a wonderful hotel located in a rural area near the town Peschiera del Garda, this time in the southern part of the lake, close to Sirmione. During those days we traveled in picturesque and lively towns on the lakeshore: Riva del Garda, Limone, Malcesine and Sirmione. We wend to see Verona’s major sights, a city located close to the lake, where we saw the third biggest amphitheater in Italy, city’s alleys and Julia’s house. We also visited Verona falls and lake Tenno, located north of lake Garda. Of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity to dip in the lake on the shores Riva del Garda and the beautiful beach of Sirmione.

Day trip to Milan

By the end of our wonderful trip to Italy, we departed form the hotel in Villa Guardia, located near lake Tenno, and finished with a day in Milan. This day was all about Milan’s major sights: Seeing a view of the whole city from the spectacular Duomo - to which we got after a climb, The main piazza, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Brera district, which was full of restaurants and galleries.

The trip in Italy had been a great experience thanks to the spectacular landscapes, cultural wealth of the past and the present, the beautiful cities and picturesque towns, kind and pleasant people speaking rolling Italian, the fine food and of course the Gelato. 

By Nili and Maayan Hess Ashkenazi


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