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How to Plan an Eco Friendly Vacation?

In the recent years, the power of ecotourism has been growing more and more, a type of tourism that emphasizes environmental and social awareness, preservation of local culture and heritage, human rights, cultivation and preservation of the natural environment, views, water resources and fauna and flora in the countries of the Tourism. This tourism also includes integration into the local community and familiarity with other ways of life from an egalitarian perspective, joining volunteer organizations and contributing to the local economy.

To travel the world in the spirit of ecotourism, it is worthwhile planning the trip to choose sites and attractions that do not violate human rights such as strip clubs, circuses where children and teenagers are at risk to their lives and tribes displayed for all. For example, near Chiang Rai in northern Thailand is the village of long necked Karen girls who attract many tourists who come to watch the women of the tribe who start wearing neck Rings sometimes even at the age of five, so they wear up to ten rings. Girls keep adding Rings every year until they become older. In practice, the rings exert pressure, sometimes painful, on their shoulders and collarbone and compress them. A mature woman can wear up to 25 neck rings weighing up to 5 Kg, which causes these women to permanently twist their necks and all of this is to attract tourists.

In addition, it is better to visit modern zoos or to meet the animals in their natural habitat in nature or in the safari, not in an elephant training farm, petting areas of doped tigers or in bird shows, crocodiles and monkeys that are tourist attractions that attract many tourists but it cause to animal to abuse and endanger the lives of the crew. These sites often fight with poisonous snakes or push their heads into a crocodile's mouth to the cheers of the crowd.

To preserve the natural environment, we prefer nature walks by foot or by bike, as a way of walking that blends with nature and does not trample the animals, vegetation and terrain, such as jeep tours, ranger rides and so on ... and of course we will not leave behind junk and graffiti.

When traveling in populated areas, we will be careful to treat the local population with respect, as guests, and not with Western patronage towards the "natives," " rural " and so on. Instead of tearing into the locals with cameras as animals in a safari, it is better to stroll around comfortably, to smile, to make conversation as equal human beings, not as tourists passing for a moment looking for a prey for a camera. Despite the strong desire to obtain a unique picture, permission must be sought and accepted, and sensitivity should be exercised, and the feelings of the residents should be avoided, and in some cases, they may even respond with violence because of a violation of their dignity for example a picture of Muslim women.

To foster the local economy, we will try to use as many local tourist services as possible - so that the money stays in the same place and does not run away. It is preferable to have a local hotel on an international chain, preferably a local restaurant on a fast and global food chain. Yes, we will also buy local produce souvenirs and, in addition to the economic contribution, we will contribute to the preservation of traditional local crafts.

If we want to contribute the local population, it is advisable to do so through a recognized local charity, an orphanage and so on. ... and not through an occasional donation or a worthless gift such as a pen or snack for beggars instead of going to work and begging children who stand by the roadside instead of going to school.

Ecotourism is part of a comprehensive trend aimed at implementing social and environmental sensitivity values and preserving the values of nature, the views and human heritage even when we travel around the world.

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