Where do you want to GO?
What do you want to DO?

Is India a good travel destination?

India has always been the subject of fascination for the rest of the World, especially because of the almost comfortable co-existence of all of the diverse cultures. To the people visiting for the first time in this unique place, they are bound to experience culture shock – which is the impact of travelling from a familiar culture to an unfamiliar one. Not a surprising thing, knowing that India is renowned for being a beautiful but a crazy country.

However, this crazy country has some of the best sights, which can be seen only if you plan to travel to India – they are that unique.  If you don’t have a slightest clue about what to do in India once you reach there, then maybe its time that you plan an itinerary. An itinerary contains the perfect travel schedule, complete with travelling distance to places to visit in India.

However, you might need to keep some points in mind, if you are firm on making a trip to India. First is the picking the perfect route. Now, India is a country where people are more as compared to the availability of land. It packs a lot into a massive space, and therefore no one can span all of the India in just one trip. Choose what interests you the most – is it the beaches, or the religious, spiritual sights fascinate you more? – And then decide accordingly. Also, try not to cram everything in just one trip. India is a vast country, with equally vast options of things to do in India. It is wise to focus on one thing, then it might be exploring one of the famous cities or it can be one of the various categories, as mentioned above.

Make sure that you stay out of the crowds. It might be said that the real beauty of India lies in the hustle and bustle of the people, but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy them all the time. India has a lot of peaceful, calming retreats of which you can take full profit in your trip to India. A more pressing point to understand is that being the vast land that it is, one can just fall sick with the food, or the untidy areas. It is important that you stay healthy and keep your calm, especially in the face of crises, such as scams, touts, which are something of a common thing in India.

If followed perfectly, these tips would make your life in India a bit better, and your trip, more wonderful than it was earlier. You might be able to enjoy the free, helping spirit of India – the true motive behind everyone’s trip.

By Emily White