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The Ultimate Romanian Road Trip Holiday

Romania is one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe. A vacation in Romania features all kinds of tourist attractions, from trekking tours and hikes in the Carpathian Mountains to historical and cultural attractions scattered across the country. If you need some ideas to start your own road trip, here are some of the best places to see and things to do in Romania.

The Monasteries of Bucovina

One of the most known attractions in Romania are the painted monasteries which have very elaborate 15th and 16th-century murals of saints and prophets. The best-preserved ones are in the Bucovina region, with Suceava, Voronet, Humor, Moldovita, Patrauti, Probota, and Sucevita being the most frequented by tourists.

One interesting local custom of the monasteries involve the monks and nuns tapping on a large wooden beam with a mallet to call out the other to prayer - a tradition which originated from to the times when Moldova was under siege, and the Ottoman Turks prohibited the ringing of bells.

Danube Delta

Europe's second largest river, the Danube flows mostly through Romania and, before it reaches the sea, it created an impressive delta. Along its banks is where you’ll find many unique species of fauna and flora, having 23 different ecosystems. You should not miss the opportunity to catch a sunset here on a leisure boat ride.

Bucegi Sphinx

Set high in the Bucegi Mountains, this uncanny 12-meter-high standing stone resembles a human face which was created naturally by the strong winds. This megalith is surrounded by many myths and legends, from being considered a divine message to a landing site used by aliens. Unfortunately for paranormal enthusiasts, none of these outlandish theories have been proven true, but it still is a striking natural wonder.


The historic center of this town features a well-preserved medieval Saxon citadel with bright colored buildings and cobbled streets. The quiet squares of Sighisoara can be visited in less than a day, making it a very relaxing tour.


A vacation in Romania would not be complete without seeing its capital. This city is a merge of modern and historical buildings. Its rich history is evident in the many imposing communist constructions that stand along with ancient Orthodox churches. The city's historic center – Lipscani – is where you’ll find a bustling nightlife, featuring a variety of trendy bars and restaurants.

Visit the Palace of Parliament (also known as the People’s House) which is an imposing building commissioned by Nicolae Ceausescu (the second and last Communist leader of Romania, 1965 – 1989), being the second largest administrative building in the world.


Located in central Romania, Brasov is a popular mountain resort, with skiing and ice skating facilities. Visitors should get to see the Black Church, a Gothic cathedral that as blackened by the smoke from an immense 17th-century fire. Also, a stroll down Rope Street, the country’s narrowest street, must not be missed.

We hope that these suggestions will be helpful when you plan your Romanian road trip and decide to visit the best attractions in Romania. One thing is certain: you won’t regret it.

By Lorena Boanda