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How to reduce your travel expenses

18 August 2018,  By Maayan Hess Ashkenazi

Here are tips to help you reduce travel expenses. The tips deal with the various components of the trip, from the planning of the trip, the booking of the flights, the accommodation and the vehicle, and the expenses related to the trip itself - the costs of entering the sites, activities in the various attractions, food and travel:

  1. Early planning on your trip will save you a lot of money. When you order accommodation and vehicles months in advance, the costs are lower, and of course there is an economic explanation - the flights are still empty, the hotels are still empty they are interested in you but once the peak season arrives and two weeks before the flight you are looking for a place no one will chase you anymore they don’t need you, Because there are many who are looking for a place, and so according to the first economic law - the Law of Supply and Demand - when demand rises, the price rises.
  2. If you can go out just before the burning season, even a few days before, you will save and a lot that also here works the principle of demand and supply. In addition, it is highly recommended to enter the various sites to compare flight prices  (Jet Radar and more), hotels (Booking.com and more...)  and car rentals (carrental 8  and more...). The gap in prices you find on these sites can be significant.
  3. If you give up on regular flights and ready  to fly in Low Cost airlines (Blue Air, EasyJet, Ryan Air, and many more) you can save a lot of travel costs and if you search well you can even travel around the world on flights from place to place in tens of dollars.
  4. If you choose to book accommodation through sites such as Booking.com or HotelCombind you can save quite a bit of money if you book your accommodation in advance and if you make sure to choose the options of an early free reservation with cancellation option, you can change the accommodation almost until the date of the trip according to special deals and discounts of dozens Percent you will receive as Booking.com customers. If you book an accommodation through AIRBNB, it can be a great experience to find a spacious and well-designed boutique apartment for a great price. Sometimes you can find a spacious apartment for two families in the city center at the price of a double room at the hotel. However, it is advisable to check the additional costs involved in ordering the apartment, such as cleaning costs and cancellation charges, if for one reason or another you decide to change the plans.
  5. It is highly recommended to rent the car through price comparison sites such as carrental 8, which enable comparison between the various car companies and to achieve the same car significant service gaps and prices.
  6. In any case of booking flightsaccommodation and vehicles, it is very worthwhile to check the prices on more than one computer, delete the cookies and enter through the unrecognized situation so that the search engines will not recognize you as old searchers and will raise the price according to the rules of supply and demand.
  7. In the matter of purchasing tickets for the attractions in which you are planning to visit, it is highly recommended at the planning stage of the trip to examine in a calculated manner whether it is worthwhile to purchase a combined entrance ticket to the main attractions of a particular city or area (such as London Pass, Salzburg Pass, etc.). This card will give you a significant discount at the entrance prices for the attractions included in it, but sometimes it is a deal that does not pay off and will only cost you the costs. It's a good idea to check whether the bar covers most of the sites you plan to visit and compare the purchase of each card separately to the purchase of the combined card. You should also check to see if it is worth buying the bar if you plan to visit a total of one site a day from the attractions that appear on the card which is usually limited to a few days.
  8. When booking in advance for tickets to attractions such as Klook, which is used to order tickets to sites and attractions all over the world, sometimes a large discount, it is recommended in any case to compare with other brokerage firms to sell tickets and even check if the cheapest price will be through the attraction itself without brokerage fees.
  9. In terms of transportation costs, it is worth checking out the cost of a local taxi, compared with the cost of a public transportation, which is sometimes considered the cheapest. But you may find that a short taxi ride inside the city will be cheaper and much more efficient, certainly if it is a family. For example, if you are a family of four - five people and a public transportation ticket from place to place will cost you 2 - 3 dollars, a total of 15 USD. You may find that a short trip to the city will not exceed $ 10. In this context, it is worthwhile to use the Rome2Rio website to check the travel costs of various means of transportation from anywhere to anywhere in the world.
  10. Another component that can save you travel costs is early, calculated and efficient planning of interurban routes. When it comes to reducing travel long savings can be very large. It is easier to find the attractions for the trip, but it is certainly a more difficult task to find the optimal route in terms of combining the maximum attractions in the shortest and most convenient route. For this purpose, it is highly recommended to use the Turipo.com site, which serves as a large pool of travel routes around the world that were brought up by independent travelers like you based on their experience.
  11. And about spending on food in some of the most expensive countries (eg, Switzerland), it would be cheaper to buy supermarket food, to cook at the place, or to make sandwiches for the day and to make do with one main meal at the restaurant. In addition, in some countries (Austria, Italy, Japan, etc.) it would be cheaper or similar to eat three times a day at a restaurant than to buy food in a supermarket and throw half of the purchased products at a high price, especially if we change places frequently and we can not To take with us all the volume of shopping we purchased, such as wine bottles, drinks, cheeses, dairy delicacies and eggs that require refrigeration etc. For an initial clarification of food costs and costs in all countries of the world, it is recommended to use Nunbeo.com.
  12. It is recommended to check in advance when booking accommodation if the price of accommodation includes breakfast and save a few dozen dollars a day when it comes to a family trip.

    So far for now. If you have additional tips for reducing the trip abroad, we would be happy to add them with your credit of course.
How to reduce your travel expenses