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10 Best Places for a vacation in the Philippines

4 November 2018,  By Comal Tahir

The Philippines is a top tourist destination in the world with its exotic beaches and an unending supply of natural beauty. It is perfect for the couples out on romantic getaways like honeymoon and babymoon. You are going to fall in love with the Philippines islands whether you are 6 or 60! You just need to pack your bags and set out on your Philippines vacation, the rest is just a beautiful dream that you will never want to wake up from. If you are planning a trip to the Philippines then you are at the right place for we have a list of 10 best places to spend your vacation in the Philippines. Let’s have a look at it now, shall we?

1.Boracay Island

In the company of some of the Philippines best beaches, Boracay is a favorite of many tourists. Its powdery white sand and pristine waters make a heavenly mix which pleases the visitors to their very core. The natural beauty and the hospitality of people there make it very popular.

The Philippines best Beaches

2.Huma Island, Palawan

Human Island has a perfect blend of natural aesthetics and human luxuries. The tropical aura of the island and the world-class facilities for tourists make Huma Island the best place for busy bees to unwind and relax.

Huma Island - The Philippines best Beaches


This “Island Born of Fire” is home to many volcanic mountains which makes the visits there thrilling and more close to nature. The cold and hot springs are evenly spread out on the island and the centuries-old buildings present a rich contrast to the tourists.

4.Coron, Palawan

Palawan is home to some of the Philippines’ best beaches. The lush greenery and the crystal clear waters await your cameras and your beauty loving soul. The underwater wrecks and exquisite corals in Coron are a major attraction here.

Coron - The Philippines best Beaches


Now, this is a place, which words cannot justify. The rustic old beauty and the lush greenery are there too, wordlessly, tell you the fairyland stories which no book or guide can.

6.Bicol Region

Bicol region has won hearts of all the visitors who have visited it over the years. A Philippines vacation is incomplete without treating your eyes with the scenes worthy of Hollywood shooting in the Bicol region.

Bicol - Philippines vacation attractions


It is probably the smallest of Philippines islands that have tours for visitors. You can complete its tour within a few minutes. The best part about Zambales is that you stay close to the mainland.


8.Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte in the northern Philippines is totally your thing if you love old architecture and heritage destinations. It can be like a stroll through the history of the Philippian culture!

The Philippines best Beaches

9Sagada, Mt. Province

The Philippines never runs out of places to amaze and rejuvenate. The hanging coffins and the folklore of this heavenly place are adventurous in their own way.

10.Cebu City

There is no denying the significance of the Philippines best beaches, but Cebu City is attractive and worth-visiting too. The culture, history, and art of the Philippines are more prominent there than anywhere else in this lovely country.

Cebu City - Philippines vacation attractions

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