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Disclaimer terms of Service and User Statement


1. Turipo is a website for building and sharing travel plans through the website. Turipo and the owners, below in this document will be referred to - "the website".
2. The information provided on the website is subject to the following terms of use. Please read these terms thoroughly and carefully, since the beginning of the website usage indicates your permission stated in these conditions fully and without reservation.
3. For the avoidance of doubt, the very entrance to the website and the pages of the information contained therein, is the user's consent to all the above terms of use even if the user did not read and / or see the terms of use. The comprehensive terms and conditions contained in the website are for the sake of users and they refer to the entire website, the various pages, sections and diverse information contained therein.
4. Terms and conditions are for women and men alike, and are were formulated in the masculine form for convenience only.

Use of the website

5. Services and the contents on the website are offered for use (as is) in accordance with the decision of the owners of the website. User shall have no claim or demand against the website owners in respect of the content on the website, adapting them to the needs of the user, or reactions caused by advertising on the website.
6. The use of content displayed on the website and on website services will be the sole and full responsibility of the user and. Website owners or their representatives will not bear any responsibility regarding the content published on the website, content, reliability, accuracy and credibility.
7. The website will not be responsible for any damage, loss, loss of profit, inconvenience, cost, expense, aggravation and so on results, direct or indirect, incurred by the user or any third party due to the use of the content published on the website.
8. The user is aware that the content displayed on the website, including content originating from other users, are not considered professional advice. And website owners are not responsible for the content and consequences, direct or indirect, that may be caused to the user or any third party due to an act based on this content. Applies on the user the full and sole responsibility for his actions and their consequences.
9. Website owners are not responsible for any case and manner of the use made of information contained on the website, recommendations and / or places listed on the website. Website owners are not responsible for any case and manner of the use made by the user and / or any third party, of trip itineraries offered on the website, including the implementation of the actual trip.
10. Furthermore, website owners will bear no liability for errors and / or errors in the information presented on the website and / or for changes made to such information by the user or by any third party, and the user alone shall be liable for any use of the website.
11. The website usage and the information as defined in this agreement shall be personal and private purposes only. Uploading and downloading content to the website
12. Website user, who uploads content to the website, is committed to uploading original content he created including text and images that accompany them. The user must refrain from using content from another source without permission in violation of copyright.
13. Website user will not upload to the website contents that are not original, unless he regulated copyrights, including payment for them, with their owners.
14. In uploading trip programs and pictures to the website the user waives his copyright on such content and puts them knowingly disposal to the website.
15. The user is allowed to download the contents of the website that are available for download specifically for its use and share them on the internet.
16. Copyrights and intellectual property on the website and its services belong to the owners of the website, or third-party that gave owners granted permission to use them on the website and the said services. Including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the website owners are the sole owners of the names and trademarks of the website, trade secrets involved in operating the website and providing services, website design, the technology information involved in its operation, including software, applications, graphic files and other files, computer codes, texts and / or any other material contained therein. Website owners are not responsible for and will not be responsible for content uploaded by users and advertisers including trips programs, harmful and negative opinions and copyright infringement by the user.
17. Users who upload content to the website hereby declare that:
A. All materials that are sent to the website are their full responsibility, accurate and true to the extent possible and without violations of copyright belonging to others.
B. They know that the content provided by them for publication on the website will be exposed to other users, and one cannot anticipate the responses received and their nature. Owners of the website will not bear any responsibility for any comments of contents uploaded by users on the website or for any damage caused following the comments stated.
C. They know that they must be cautious when submitting personal details, such as addresses and phone numbers, etc.
D. The user undertakes to exempt the website owners definitively, completely and unconditionally from any responsibility for any damage, loss or expense of any kind or type whatsoever, caused or will be caused to the user and related, directly or indirectly, to the content uploaded by users to the website.
18. In addition, the user agrees to indemnify and compensate the website and its owners for any damage, loss or expense of any kind or type whatsoever, caused or will be caused to them, and related, directly or indirectly, content uploaded to the website, this immediately after their first request of the owners of the website, and definitively gives up absolutely and unconditionally any claim or demand against the website or its owners in connection with said content.
19. The website owner the right to remove content that went beyond the website rules and \ or by his sole discretion without prior warning.

Using the website contents

20. Reviews on the website are designed to enable positive feedback to improve trips programs listed at the website. Users are obliged to refrain from using abusive language, slander and feed purposes unrelated content website.
21. Trips programs featured on the website are only a proposal made by the website owners or other users. Responsibility of the user of these contents is his sole responsibility and website owners and / or users that upload their programs for their trips, have no legal liability regarding any damage or aggravation or another caused by the factor or another to the user or other in respect of the use of the website contents.
22. The website is committed to avoid giving out personal information about the user to a third party. And except in cases of a request from competent authority, including court orders.
23. Linking to other sites: this website contains links to other sites. The links are brought for user convenience only and the website owners are not responsible for the content of these sites, their reliability or integrity.
24. The entrance to the said sites and the use of their contents are the sole responsibility of the user. The presence of a particular site does not constitute confirmation that the information on it is reliable, reliable, complete or up to date.
25. Links of third party sites should not be interpreted as providing seal of approval, confirmation, recommendation or preference of the website owners of those sites, including documents, information or any other material which is which, or priority of operators of such sites or the products and services presented therein.
26. Website owners will not be liable for any damage, expense or loss incurred to the user or any third party arising directly or indirectly from the use of the links found on the website.

Advertising on the website

27. The website includes or will include advertising in behalf of those who wish to offer for sale of products, services or information (the "advertising"). Ads can be in any form and by any party. The website is not responsible for the content of the ads, which is the sole responsibility of advertisers and users to test the ads well, as a reasonable consumer, and treat cautiously to the publication. Further to the above, the publication should not be seen as a recommendation or encouragement from the website to carry out any action. The user must act with the necessary caution in all delivery of details following the publication on the website.
28. Transaction made further to content and commercial information published on the website will be done directly between the user and the advertiser. Website owners and / or the website are not a party to this, and will not be held responsible for any such transaction.
29. The website prohibits the publication of political content on the website. It is prohibited to publish ads or other content intended to promote political issues or political entities originated. The website may remove at any time any politicized ad or content at its sole discretion, user and / or advertiser, gives up in advance any claim in this regard.

Privacy protection

30. Surfing the website and using the services contained therein constitutes acceptance from the user that the website and its owners will be able to perform computerized supervision on the use of the user of our services through cookies and / or similar means. Website owners may use any such information for purposes of control and / or supervision and / or developing and / or maintaining the quality of the services, their level and correctness and / or for the purpose of compliance with the provisions of any law.
31. Website owners make sure to maintain the provisions of the law, including the law of privacy and maintain the privacy of users and will not reveal to unauthorized according to the law, lists or documents containing names and addresses of the user or any other information about him, as well as any information concerning the user's use of the website, except for information and public information published by the user himself. Without limiting the foregoing, the website reserves the right to disclose user information and all information pertaining to use the user did / does on the website, in accordance with a court order, and / or as part of legal proceedings that may arise between the user and the website owners and / or in the case of a breach of these Terms of Use by the user, and / or if the website owners, for their sole discretion, will believe that it is necessary for preventing damage to the website and to any third party and / or in the case of merging of the website with any third party.

Purchases on the website

32. Making purchases through the website and downloading digital content through the website is contingent on the website registration.
33. A paid subscription in "Turipo Pro" account is a monthly subscription, which will be renewed automatically at the end a period with a notice from the website to the user's email.
34. Direct purchase of the website products including "Turipo Pro" account will be made through secure payment methods.
35. Cancellation of purchases on the website will be made in accordance with the law.

Customer service

36. In case of any questions regarding digital content or other technical problems, please contact the website through the contact page or via email

Settling disagreements

37. Terms and conditions are regulated by the laws of the State of Israel only.
38. User agrees that any dispute arising from the use of this website or related to it will apply the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Nazareth only, and there will be an exclusive place of jurisdiction, without giving effect to conflict of law rules and jurisdiction of any foreign court (including any other foreign court or tribunal), as well as the applicability of foreign law is hereby expressly denied.
39. If and when determined by a certified court (including a court or other judicial tribunal) that the provisions of these regulations is illegal and / or invalid, then it will not eliminate it the other provisions of these regulations and / or parts of the same order canceled and / or reduced by the court.