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What is Turipo?

Turipo is the world's best website for planning and sharing travel plans around the world.

About US

Turipo is a worldwide travel community where real travelers share real travel plans, useful tips and experiences. How many times did you ask yourself why is it so hard to plan a travel? Wouldn’t it be great to find trip plans in one website? In addition to the websites providing the independent travelers information on various tourist attractions, we, as experienced travelers, found that there is a need for independent travelers website that will provide full trip plans. For this purpose we initiated as a website with an effective and a user-friendly planning tool to plan an independent trip of few days, and the option to watch a huge variety of trip plans of other independent travelers that includes the full itinerary, travel tips, reviews and photos from real people who have actually been there. Using will save your precious preparation time prior to the trip and save your time and money during the trip due to effective trip plan. You will have the possibility to download from trip plans to destinations all over the world including trip plans for destinations in which there is no available information. For each trip plan you will have the possibility to get reviews of the travelers community that will help you to optimize your plan. All this makes the travel content on Turipo so useful to plan your next trip. Cheers! The Turipo Team

How can Turipo help me in preparing my next trip abroad?

Preparing a trip abroad requires prior planning of itinerary in order to save us unnecessary financial costs and time wasted during the trip, but many of us do not have the time required for extensive planning of the trip using all available information. To do so we initiated the website that aims to provide an effective and user-friendly tool for the independent traveler for planning an independent trip of several days abroad, taking into account all the components of the trip and the option to watch a huge variety of full excursion programs built by independent travelers from around the world, including details of the sites to visit each day of the trip.

What does a trip plan in Turipo include?

Each trip program abroad includes a general description of itinerary according to accommodation, details of sites to visit and activities for each day of the trip, including the opinion of planner, tips and recommendations in different areas: accommodation, transport, costs, health, recommended sites and more.

Do I need to register Turipo?

You can watch trip plans freely on Turipo but in order to download them, to write a review and to upload a new trip itinerary you need to register.

What does include the registration process?

Registration Turipo is quick and short. You can register using your email address or by connecting your Facebook account, Twitter or Google. Then, you must complete the following details: Website Username (required), motto (required), countries I visited (optional), countries I plan to visit (optional), a website address or a Facebook account (optional for Turipo Pro account owners - paid account)

How to upload trip programs to Turipo?

Uploading trip plans to Turipo is simple and fast. You enter the page “add a trip” then choose “trip that took place” or “a planned trip” and continue by following the instructions on this page: you name the trip, upload photos that represent the trip, indicate the type of travelers (single traveler, couple, family, group, backpacker), indicate the main transport type in the trip (car, bus, train, jeep, bicycle, sailing, hiking), write the accommodation place of each day of the trip, point out the attractions in each day of the trip (Attractions include: tourist sites, restaurants, concerts, extreme activities, etc.) Writing notes, opinions and recommendations for each attraction, upload an image of the attraction and finally add general tips for each trip and indicate in which category belongs every attraction. Simple, fast and easy.

Which benefits Turipo users get?

Except for the use of trip planning tool and for viewing a wide variety of detailed travel itineraries from around the world, celebrating the website launching, anyone who would post a trip plans on Turipo until December 31 2018 will receive free use of the website for life. Afterwards, anyone who would post 100 quality trip days in one itinerary or accumulated itineraries will receive free use of Turipo Pro for life.