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Family trip to Thailand

Dates: 2015-07-01 2015-07-21
Travel Itinerary -
Days: 17
Season: All
Travel budget: $4000
trip transport traveler type
Country: Thailand
Travel Interests: Arts and culture,Amusement parks,Culinary tour,Eco tour,Tours and Sightseeing,World heritage sites
Description: Our family summer vacation travel plan in Thailand, how to visit the best places to travel in Thailand: Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Hoa Hin and more attractions in Thailand, things to do and places to visit in thailand and Bangkok things to do, Bangkok attractions, Thailand trip planning.
Created by Maayan Ashkenazi
Last modified 05/09/2018
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Day 1 2015-07-01, Wednesday

Arrival to Thailand and flight to Chiang Rai

Day 2 2015-07-02, Thursday

Day trip around Chiang Rai

Day 3 2015-07-03, Friday

Day trip around Chiang Rai

Day 4 2015-07-04, Saturday

Arriving to Chiang Mai

Day 5 2015-07-05, Sunday

Chiang mai

Day 6 2015-07-06, Monday

Chiang mai - Temples and Markets

Day 7 2015-07-07, Tuesday

Around Chiang Mai

Day 8 2015-07-08, Wednesday

A day trip to Doi Inthanon

Day 9 2015-07-09, Thursday

Arrival to Bangkok

Day 10 2015-07-10, Friday

The best of Bangkok

Day 11 2015-07-11, Saturday

Siam square

Day 12 2015-07-12, Sunday

The floating market and folklore show

Day 13 2015-07-13, Monday

Getting Hua Hin

Day 14 2015-07-14, Tuesday

Water park in Hua Hin

Day 15 2015-07-15, Wednesday

Half-day trip to Pranburi

Day 16 2015-07-16, Thursday

Half day trip to Pala U falls

Day 17 2015-07-17, Friday

Back to Bangkok

My best travel tips
Local costum
Much like Mosques, Synagogues, and Churches, there are do’s and don’t’s associated with one’s appearance and behavior. If you plan on visiting some of the temples in Thailand, here are some tips to be mindful of: Stay away from clothes that don’t cover your knees, shoulders, and midsection. Depending on their discretion, you may need to rent clothing.
Money and cost
Thai Currency and ATMs: The accepted currency in Thailand is baht. No other currency is used. However, in airports and major cities you will have no problem finding ATMs to withdrawal cash or money exchanges to swap out your euros, dollars, or yen. ATMs always give the option in English and often Chinese and they spit out 1,000 baht bills (sometimes in 500 baht increments). There is a 150 to 180 baht ATM charge for every withdrawal in addition to your bank fees and conversion rate fees. Thailand is a cash based society so credit cards are rarely used. The few exceptions are in the major malls. The paper bills come in increments of 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 baht. Coins come in increments of 1, 2, 5, and 10 baht.
Packing list
What to Wear in Thailand?Thailand is hot and sunny and temperatures generally range from 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (27 to 35 degrees Celsius) year round. Many guidebooks recommend wearing “conservative or polite clothing” but that could mean a range of things depending on what country you’re from. Many Westerners tend to wear fewer clothes or clothing that shows skin to stay cool. On the other hand, Eastern foreigners tend to wear clothing that covers their skin and protects them from the sun’s rays. You can very often see them walking around with umbrellas.
Guide to Packing for Thailand:
What to pack for Thailand (and what not to)?
Don't Forget Your Travel Insurance. In case you forgot click here: :
Safety and security
Don’t Carry Too Much Cash:It’s the oldest piece of travel advice out there, don’t get a big wodge of cash out of the bank and stick it in your pocket, it could be stolen or, more likely, you could lose it. We always feel very safe in Thailand, we don’t worry about theft, but if you’re heading to the big beach tourist spots and enjoying the nightlife, this could be more of an issue. You could consider some of the money concealment devices below. If there are 2 of you split the cash between you, some in wallet, some in bag, some elsewhere, is always a great idea. Just remember where you put it!
When visiting temples in Thailand, there are a number of times where you need to take your shoes off. Shoes aren’t monitored by security so wear inexpensive shoes or sandals in case of theft.
Tours and attractions
When visiting temples get there Early: The temples get very crowded throughout the day. As mentioned, the country is mourning the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, so people go to the temples to pay their respects. It is also a time where the people bring food and gifts for the monks.
Travel resources
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