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6 days in Shanghai

Dates: 2004-09-01 2004-09-06
Travel Itinerary -
Days: 6
Season: All
Travel budget: $350
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Country: China
Travel Interests: Arts and culture,Amusement parks,Cruising,Museums and Galleries,Architecture,Shopping tour,Tours and Sightseeing,World heritage sites
Description: Tour plan in Shanghai. The best things to do in Shanghai and around in 6 days travel itineray: Pudong, Yu garden, The bund, Zhujiajiaozhen, Suzhou, Disneyland Shanghai and more attractions in Shanghai...., China trip plan.
Created by Maayan Ashkenazi
Last modified 31/08/2018
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Day 1 2004-09-01, Wednesday

Arrival to Shanghai

Day 2 2004-09-02, Thursday


Day 3 2004-09-03, Friday

Center of Shanghai

Day 4 2004-09-04, Saturday


Day 5 2004-09-05, Sunday

Disneyland Shanghai

Day 6 2004-09-06, Monday

Day trip to Sūzhōu

My best travel tips
Money and cost
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How to save up to 30% with Shanghai GO Card: //
Packing list
Finding WiFi in Shanghai China Most hotels and hostels will provide wi-fi for guests, however, if you’ll be staying for a while I recommend getting your own VPN. This is because a lot of popular websites (like facebook) are blocked in China. The city does have a free public wi-fi service, but I would never consider connecting to it as there are a lot of scam-y, fake services in Shanghai and you don’t want anyone hacking into your computer or accounts.
Shanghai gets crazy humid in the summer time – as in, you step out the front door and in about 30 seconds your clothes are soaked through with sweat. Ick. So I would avoid summer, but any other time is good to visit.
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Getting Around Shanghai Shanghai’s metro is fast, cheap, clean and really easy to use, with plenty of signage in English. However, if you’ll have to make lots of transfers to get to your destination, a taxi can be a good option since they’re quite affordable (although you might have to contend with a bit of traffic). Shanghai is a big city, so you’ll need to take some form of transport to get from point A to point B, but the city is quite walkable within the neighborhoods. A lot of what there is to do in Shanghai is walk around and soak up the atmosphere.
Shanghai has two airports, and if you’re traveling to or from Pudong Airport, consider taking the high-speed train. The Maglev goes at up to 268 mph, making it one of the fastest trains in the world. It’s worth taking the train just for the experience.
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