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15 days in Japan

Dates: 2009-08-01 2009-08-18
Travel Itinerary -
Days: 15
Season: All
Travel budget: $5000
trip transport traveler type
Country: Japan
Travel Interests: Arts and culture,Tours and Sightseeing,World heritage sites
Description: Trip plan in Japan. Our family summer vacation in Japan with our two young childrens, the best things to do in Japan during our travel, the best things to do in tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and more attractions in Japan.
Created by Maayan Ashkenazi
Last modified 31/08/2018
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Day 1 2009-08-01, Saturday

Arrival to Tokyo

Day 2 2009-08-02, Sunday


Day 3 2009-08-03, Monday

Tokyo Disneyland

Day 4 2009-08-04, Tuesday


Day 5 2009-08-05, Wednesday

Arrival to Takayama

Day 6 2009-08-06, Thursday

Takayama old town

Day 7 2009-08-07, Friday

Takayama folk village

Day 8 2009-08-08, Saturday

Day trip from Takayama to Shirakawa-go

Day 9 2009-08-09, Sunday


Day 10 2009-08-10, Monday


Day 11 2009-08-11, Tuesday

Day trip to Nara

Day 12 2009-08-12, Wednesday

Day trip to Osaka

Day 13 2009-08-13, Thursday

Day trip to Himaji Castle

Day 14 2009-08-14, Friday


Day 15 2009-08-15, Saturday

Flight Back

My best travel tips
Eating and drinking
Convenience stores are a great place for cheap food! And not only is convenience store food cheap and delicious, but the cashiers will usually heat up your food for you too! Imagine that!
Money and cost
Best places to eat in Tokyo? packmeto.com
Bring plenty of cash! Few Japanese shops and restaurants accept credit cards, and ATMs always become magically hard to find whenever you desperately need one. So avoid any tricky situations by making sure to keep a supply of cash on hand!
ATMs which accept foreign cards can be found in 7-Eleven convenience stores. Which are basically dotted everywhere in Tokyo. You should have little trouble finding those!
Always keep a handy supply of 100 yen coins for vending machines!
Where to shop in Tokyo? thosewhowandr.com
100 yen stores like Daiso are a fantastic place to pick up cheap and handy items! You can pretty much find anything in these places, so don’t spend a fortune stocking up beforehand! Torches, socks, snacks, cosmetics....
100 yen stores are also a superb place for thrifty souvenirs! Don’t go spending a fortune at boutiques and gift shops. You seriously don’t need to! Toys, snacks and other gifts for loved ones can all be found here, and at a pleasantly cheap price to boot!
Tours and attractions
The Best Time to Visit Japan: A Month-by-Month Guide - www.oyster.com
It’s custom in Japan to remove your shoes before entering certain places. You can usually tell if you need to do so, but if in doubt always check whether it’s okay to keep your shoes on before entering a new place!
Contrary to what we’re taught to expect in the West, few Japanese actually speak English. You can usually find someone who does if you hunt around, but don’t take it for granted that the people you encounter will always understand you. So memorize a few basic Japanese phrases or come armed with a good pocket phrasebook!
Get hold of a suica as soon as you arrive. This nifty little card will get you around the Japanese subway system and can even be used on some vending machines too! They can be easily purchased from the suica machines in train stations, and are very simple to top up too!
The JR Pass is the best way to travel Japan. Not only can you and your family enjoy unlimited rides on most JR trains, but you can also use many of the JR bus services as well. You can ride the famous bullet train, the express Shinkansen! You must purchase this ticket prior to your trip to Japan. Select and purchase your shipping area and seating type from the tour options. At the checkout, you must provide your your full name and title exactly as they appear on your passport, gender (Mr or Ms), a mailing address (no P.O. Box addresses) and phone number. After the purchase is made, the local operator will send you a JR Pass Exchange Voucher and detailed instructions by FedEx within 4 business days to the provided address. Click here to buy the 7,14 or 21 JR pass for 231/367/469 Euro: www.jrailpass.com
Travel resources
5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Japan: www.citycookie.co.uk
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