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Trip to Turkey

Dates: 1996-07-10 1996-07-24
Travel Itinerary -
Days: 19
Season: Summer
Travel budget: $2000
trip transport traveler type
Country: Turkey
Travel Interests: Arts and culture,Hiking,Camping,Museums and Galleries,World heritage sites
Description: Turkey trip plan. 19 days travel itinerary in Turkey from Antalia to Istanbul. The Best things to do in Turkey: Antalia, Konya, Capadocia, Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul and more attractions and Places to see in Turkey.
Created by Maayan Ashkenazi
Last modified 31/08/2018
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Day 1 1996-07-10, Wednesday

Arrival to Antalia

Day 2 1996-07-11, Thursday


Day 3 1996-07-12, Friday

From Antalya to Konya

Day 4 1996-07-13, Saturday


Day 5 1996-07-14, Sunday

From Konya to Goreme, in Capadocia

Day 6 1996-07-15, Monday

Goreme - Zelve Valley

Day 7 1996-07-16, Tuesday

Goreme - Kaymakli Underground City

Day 8 1996-07-17, Wednesday

Goreme- Ihlara Valley

Day 9 1996-07-18, Thursday

From Goreme to Ankara

Day 10 1996-07-19, Friday


Day 11 1996-07-20, Saturday

From Ankara to Bolu

Day 12 1996-07-21, Sunday

Day trip from Bolu to Lake Abant

Day 13 1996-07-22, Monday

From Bolu to Bursa

Day 14 1996-07-23, Tuesday


Day 15 1996-07-24, Wednesday

From Bursa to Istanbul

Day 16 1996-07-25, Thursday


Day 17 1996-07-26, Friday


Day 18 1996-07-27, Saturday

Flight from Istanbul

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