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One month in India

Travel Itinerary -
Days: 30
Season: All
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Country: India
Travel Interests: Hiking,Camping,Museums and Galleries,Shopping tour,Tours and Sightseeing,World heritage sites
Description: India trip plan. Our summer vacation in India. One month travel in India:New Delhi, Rishikesh, Manali, Dharamsala, Leh in Ladakh, Varanasi, Agra, and Jaipur.
Created by Maayan Ashkenazi
Last modified 31/08/2018
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Day 1

Arrival to Delhi

Day 2


Day 3

From Delhi to Rishikesh

Day 4


Day 5

From Rishikesh to joshimath

Day 6


Day 7

From Joshimath to Badrinath and Gangaria

Day 8

Hiking from Gangaria to Valley of Flowers

Day 9

Valley of Flowers National Park

Day 10

From Joshimath to Rishikesh

Day 11

From Rishikesh to Dharamshala

Day 12

McLeod Ganj

Day 13

McLeod Ganj

Day 14

McLeod Ganj

Day 15

From McLeod Ganj to Manali

Day 16


Day 17


Day 18

Manali to Leh

Day 19


Day 20


Day 21

Flight from Leh to Varanasi

Day 22


Day 23


Day 24

From Varanasi to Agra

Day 25


Day 26

From Agra to Jaipur

Day 27


Day 28


Day 29

From Jaipur to Delhi

Day 30


My best travel tips
Eating and drinking
Don’t eat salads, juices or anything raw. Food is usualy washed with contaminated water which will make you go running for the toilet. If you’re a raw foodist, I recommend you change your diet while in India.
Don’t brush your teeth with tap water. As annoying as it may seem, I advise you to only brush your teeth with bottled water. This is because your gums can be a direct path to the blood stream and therefore easier for infection to get in.
Avoid ice in drinks. Since the ice is most likely created from a poor quality water source I advise you to not have any drinks with ice in it. If the drink such as Coke has been chilled in the fridge, that is of course fine.
Money and cost
Be careful when exchanging money. ATM’s are the safest way to get cash because the machine won’t scam you
You can travel by bus and train both and both can be booked online without an agent :
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