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Day Trips from Gyeongju, S.Korea

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Days: 4
Season: All
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Country: South Korea
Travel Interests: Arts and culture,Culinary tour,Museums and Galleries,Nature walking,Tours and Sightseeing,World heritage sites
Description: Day trips from Geongju: Busan, Gayasan National Park and Haeinsa Temple and Yandong village.
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Last modified 19/01/2018
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Day 1


Day 2

Gayasan National Park and Haeinasa Park

Day 3


Day 4

Yangdong folk village

My best travel tips
Eating and drinking
Koreans are very proud of their unique cuisine. This is another result of the country’s natural isolation and climate leading to particular food preparation methods. Take kimchi, for example, the country’s number one side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables that are kept in jars for months, one of many practices used to protect food during harsh winters. Over the centuries, Koreans have created a fascinating and rich food culture made up of meat dishes, stews, soups, noodle dishes, seafood and many vegetable side dishes. Visit South Korea and you should spend an entire day roaming street markets sampling your way through this concert of flavors.
Money and cost
Tipping isn’t Necessary. Despite the generally good service provided at restaurants (and everywhere, really), tipping is not required or expected. Cab drivers, hairdressers, porters and bellboys are certainly grateful for tips, but the culture is simply not practiced among Koreans. If you do decide to tip, the amount is entirely up to you.
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Tours and attractions
Gyeongju Tours, Tickets, Activities & Things To Do by Viator:
Thanks to the country’s amazing public transportation system, it’s incredibly easy (and cheap) to get around. When you arrive, pick up a T-Money card, which can be used on public buses and subways in several different metropolitan cities. It also saves travelers the hassle of purchasing single journey subway tickets for every ride, and provides discounts on rides during transfers. Taxis are just about everywhere and fares, which are calculated based on time and distance, are inexpensive. Avoid black or “deluxe” taxis, which charge a premium for reportedly better services.
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