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Day trips from Seoul

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Days: 7
Season: All
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Country: South Korea
Travel Interests: Arts and culture,Museums and Galleries,Nature walking,Architecture,Tours and Sightseeing,World heritage sites
Description: 6 best day trips from Seoul to combine in your Seoul itinerary. The best things to do in seoul and around: Chuncheon. Pocheon, Busan, Suwon, DMZ, Cheonan and Songnisan national park.
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Last modified 15/10/2018
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Songnisan national park

My best travel tips
WiFi in Seoul - WiFi is pretty widespread in Korea with plenty of cafes and restaurants offering free internet for customers. You can even connect at subway stations and at various places around cities. The sheer amount of coffee shops in Korea also means that you are never too far away from Internet. However, connections can be patchy and require confusing sign up procedures.
Learn some Korean:
Money and cost
Buy a T-money card: The T-Money card is a rechargeable smart card that allows you to use public transport in Korea. It can be loaded with value and used in different parts of the country. You can grab it in the convenience stores bearing the T-money or Cashbee logo or subway stations. The fact that you can use the card on subway systems and bus routes around Korea does make a really good investment and saves you from fishing for change all the time. Especially as it’s not always clear how much a single fare is – good luck figuring that out if a bus driver doesn’t speak English! It’s really easy to use and very convenient as it gives you discounts on travel. If you are flying into Incheon airport, you can grab a card at a convenience store just after arrivals.
Seoul hotels:
Tours and attractions
Here you can book DMZ tours:
Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Half-Day Tour from Seoul - 39$:
The public transport network: Korea has a comprehensive public transport network with buses, trains, ferries and planes linking most parts of the country . It’s an easy and affordable way to get around – Korea is also pretty small so distances are not great! This means that you spend less time travelling around and more time seeing the country! So grab your T-money card and explore! Train – fastest and easiest way to get around. KTX trains link major cities and it’s possible to get from Seoul in the North to Busan in the South in under 2.5 hours! Tickets are usually available at stations however if you are on a schedule, it may be an idea to book in advance. Use this site for bookings and checking train times. If you are going to be taking multiple trips, it’s possible to get a rail pass. Unlike the rail pass in Japan, however, this isn’t as essential a purchase as the train network isn’t as comprehensive and indivi
Seoul subway map:
Seoul weather:
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