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10 days in Crete

Travel Itinerary -
Days: 11
Season: All
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Country: Greece
Travel Interests: Beaches,Hiking,Camping,Honeymoon,Museums and Galleries,Motorbike trip,Nature walking,Architecture,Wine,Romantic,Tours and Sightseeing
Description: Crete tour plan, full day by day travel plan in Crete. Our summer vacation in Crete travel Itinerary. Summer vacation in Greece, Trip itinerary in Greece, the best of western Crete by car: Heraklion, Knossos, Agia Galini, Rethymno, Chania and Palaiochora and more things to do an attractions in Crete. Crete trip planner.
Created by Maayan Ashkenazi
Last modified 31/08/2018
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Day 1

Arrival to Heraklion

Day 2

From Heraklion to Agia Galini

Day 3

Agia Galini

Day 4

From Agia Galini to Rethymno

Day 5


Day 6

From Rethymno to Plakias

Day 7

From Plakias to Chania

Day 8

From Chanya to Palaiochora

Day 9


Day 10

From Palaiochora to Alikambos

Day 11

From Alikampos to Heraklion

My best travel tips
Eating and drinking
Depending on what island you’re on you’ll either be drinking tsikoudia or Ouzo. All of which is better than the Turkish Raki, or the Balkans Rakija, at least that’s what the Greeks will proudly announce. No proper Greek meal out with friends and family is complete without bottles upon bottles of Raki, whatever the local spirit is. You can shoot it, sip it, or our favorite and possibly most popular way, mix it with water giving it a cloudy white appearance. Yamas! Which means “to our health” in Greek and is the way to cheers.
These are the two drinks of choice when it comes summer time. Sure, the Greek coffee is famous and we love it. However, you a local will not be caught with one when it’s 35°C outside. In the summer Greeks drink frappes, a cold Nescafe that is topped with foamed milk and sugar. Our personal favorite is a fredo cappuccino, which is espresso poured over ice then topped with cold foamed milk. A frappe at a good price should cost €1 and a fredo cappuccino €1.50, if you find yourself paying more it better be sit down service or you’re getting the tourist price.
We found the water in Greece perfectly fine to drink
Money and cost
Remember that Greece uses the Europlug. Make sure you find a good adapter like the one I have to keep you charged. Otherwise, you may be paying for a cheap one once you land.
If you’re planning to get around Crete you’ll quickly learn that Crete is very rough terrain. Meaning that roads wind back and forth and back and forth. They can be fun for the first thirty minutes, but after driving for two hours they can be exhausting. Be sure to take breaks if you’re driving yourself around, often stopping in the little villages along the way can be some of the most rewarding travel moments. Views along the roads are also stunning, and you will need to pull over to take it all in.
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