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10 days in Northland

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Days: 10
Season: All
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Country: New Zealand
Travel Interests: Hiking,Camping,Honeymoon,Museums and Galleries,Nature walking,Tours and Sightseeing,World heritage sites
Description: 10 days trip plan in Northland, New Zealand travel Itinerary: lakes with the cleanest water in the world, falls, hiking trails, beaches, nature reserves and more things to do in New Zealand.
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Last modified 05/09/2018
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Day 1

Arrival to Auckland

Day 2


Day 3

From Auckland to Bay of Islands

Day 4

Paihia and Russell

Day 5

Around Haruru falls

Day 6

From Paihia to Mangonui

Day 7

From Mangonui to Cape Reinga

Day 8

From Kaitaia to Warawara Forest

Day 9


Day 10

From Kaihu to Auckland

My best travel tips
Some Maori words are also used on a daily basis alongside the English. To get you started, ‘kiaora’ means hello, ‘whanau’ (pronounced fano) means family, and ‘kai’ means food!
Local costum
The Maoris are the original indigenous group that inhabited New Zealand. Long story short, the Europeans made an agreement with the Maoris called the Treaty of Waitangi, and now we live together in peace! There is a lot of land that is still sacred Maori land that they have the rights to, so make sure you are respectful if you are enjoying a Maori-owned land. There are plenty of places in New Zealand where you can learn all about their language, history, and culture
Money and cost
New Zealand is pretty far away from most countries in the world, so things that make their way here are generally and pretty inflated prices. Regarding eating out, buying retail and also, buying flights to and from the country, be prepared to pay top dollar. But I would argue that it is worth it.
Tours and attractions
New Zealand is so full of beauty, so while it is a small country you will be hard pressed to fit everything into your itinerary – whether you be visiting for a week or a year. Just relax and enjoy what you can! There is no shortage of fun things to do and beautiful things to see.
New Zealand Tours, Tickets, Activities & Things To Do:
New Zealand has buses and trains, yes, but if you really want to explore the country in depth, the best way is to hire a campervan or a car. There is so much to see and do in New Zealand that there is really no reason to stick to touristic sights
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Day Hikes in Northland brochure:
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