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Malta vacation

Dates: 2018-02-25 2018-02-27
Travel Itinerary -
Days: 2
Season: All
Country: Malta
Created by Alexandra Orlov
Last modified 12/04/2018
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Day 1 2018-02-25, Sunday


Day 2 2018-02-26, Monday

Day trip to Marsaxlokk

My best travel tips
Money and cost
The best way to travel around Malta is by public transport. The extensive bus network covers islands of Malta and Gozo and helps you get just about everywhere. However some bus lines don’t run very often, there’re places where you need to wait up to one hour for the next connection. After arriving to the new place the best would be to check when is the bus to your next destination and plan your visit with that in mind. There’re schedules listed on every stop.
To have the best of your 5 days in Malta I recommend you buying the “Tallinja Card: Explore 7 days” card. It costs 21€ and allows you unlimited travels in both Malta and Gozo, including night services. A single ticket bought from the driver is 1.50€ in the winter time, 2€ in the summer and 3€ for night connections. I was calculating what would work better for exploring Malta in 5 days and it turned out the card is the best option. Every time when you enter the bus you need to validate the journey in the machine next to the driver. You can buy the card at the airport or at the bus terminal in Valletta (just outside of the city walls). Be sure to take from there the map of the bus network with you – it will be your best friend for next 5 days in Malta! You can find more about the public transport in the country at the official website of Malta Public Transport: www.publictransport.com.mt
There’s the downside of Malta public transport too: buses don’t run all that often in numerous areas (sometimes you need to wait even around 1 hour) and in the peak season they might get really full and don’t even stop at your stop (that happened to me twice). You can also use hop-on hop-off buses that cover numerous tourist attractions and provide you audio guide along the way.
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