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Day trip in the streets of London

Travel Itinerary -
Days: 1
Season: All
Country: United Kingdom
Travel Interests: Honeymoon,Museums and Galleries,Shopping tour,Tours and Sightseeing
Description: Day trip in the streets of London: Soho, China town, Oxford street and more....
Created by Maayan Ashkenazi
Last modified 02/07/2020
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Day 1

Day trip in the streests of London

My best travel tips
Eating and drinking
Pizza Express usually having deals of two course for £10 even on the Southbank, try Wahaca for Mexican food and chain pubs for relatively good value British Grub and a pint. Always check their websites in advance to see if they have email vouchers.
Money and cost
Book as many activities as possible in advance and you will be quids in but don’t book direct. There are tonnes of great voucher websites, one of them being VoucherBin which often have some huge discounts on theatre tickets, travel deals and much more. One of the popular booking engines, 365 Tickets can be used for sightseeing tours around some of the most famous sights such as the Tower of London.
You may have heard of Oyster card, cheaper than buying individual travel tickets for the underground/bus. If you have a contactless credit card you can now just tap in and out with it, cheap and easy.
Use Public Transport for Sightseeing! Public Transport in London is pretty good and a daily occurrence for most of us so if you are from a country/city that looks down on it forget those ideas, it can be your best friend.The Thames Clipper, a public ferry service which will cost you £8.20 for a full journey is considerably cheaper than paying for a tour of the Thames. You can also use the public red buses, sit on the top deck and get that hop on hop off tourist feeling without spending a fortune.
One of the best things about London is just how photogenic it is and some of the best Instagram spots in London won’t cost you a penny. Jump on a public bus with a contactless bank card and check out some of these spots for a cheap day out that will have you snapping your way through the city.
Check out the Free Attractions! London may be an expensive city but many of the attractions actually cost nothing. Learning how to travel the world for free is a fine art and here you have plenty of it. These include the British Museum, St Pauls Church (not the cathedral), The Tate, National Portrait Gallery, Strolling through Covent Garden, Borough Market, Taking in Greenwich and all the beautiful parks.
Skip the Shard and get it for free! The Shard may be the most famous, but the views from across the river are just as good and free. The SkyGarden is a stunning building and you can visit for free and then maybe grab a coffee at the top (the restaurants up there are also great). Simply book your visit in advance online and it will cost you nothing.
Hunt out Set Menus Deals! Set Menus, especially on Sunday evenings and lunches are a pretty big deal in London. If you have a restaurant you really want to visit whilst you are here call or check the website to find out if they offer a set menu – it will usually save you a fair chunk on the A La Carte price.
Tours and attractions
London attractions tickets:
Try and get last minute theatre tickets: Whilst top end theatre tickets can run into triple digits there are usually last minute tickets always up for grab. On my last visit back home I scored great tickets to Miss Saigon for £20 about an hour before curtain up. The Book of Mormon even run a lottery every day for £20 tickets if you want to take a gamble daily 2.5 hours before the performance.
London may seem scarily big when you look at a map (or especially a tube map) but walking around central London actually does not take too long, in fact, it can be quicker to walk between some tube stations than take the train when you add all the time up. If the weather is good do as much of London on foot as possible. We also have the Santander Cycle scheme which you can find dotted around the city and access with a card. For £2 you get 24 hours bike hire. However, this is if you only use them for 30 minutes each journey which likely will be ample time to get to your next place of interest.
Travel resources
London travel tips from TIMEOUT:
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